Thursday, 12 November 2009


So I did have another blog but it totally messed up and i'm starting again. :).
First two posts will just be the same as the other.


So i'm using this not because my life is amazingly amazing but because I think this will be fun :)
So now that I suppose someone will read this eventually i'll let you know the basics:

un. I wish I was French lots&lots.
deux. The Twilight film was a let down but the books are wonderful <3
trois. I watch Gossip Girl too much and wish I could hang out with Serena and Blair.
quatre. I <3 being English.
cinq. I prefer Chuck Bass when he's a badboi.
six. I have a Mama, Papa and a Brother. And a cat called Milly :).
sept. I'm always crazily tired.
huit. I go on Facebook too much.
neuf. I read classics for fun. Yes that's right FOR FUN!
dix. I'm stupidly into music and have many arguments with my Dad about my music taste (or his lack of it).
YAY. Comment me. I'm cool. :).

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