Sunday, 10 January 2010

New Year, New Subjects

At the moment I'm an absolute film fiend.
I'm buying so many DVD's it's crazy.
Dorian Gray is released on DVD soon and I wanted to see it at the cinema sooo crazily much but it was never on at my nearest cinema. I'm reading the book at the moment but it is so so hard to read that I really just wanna watch the film now :).
Gossip Girl has stopped until March!! I'm outraged. It makes me depressed I miss it so much. I'm having to make do with watching series 2 at the moment (got it for christmas). It's horrid. I WANT IT BACK.
Looking forward to Eclipse which is out on the 30th of July I believe :). YAY. My second favourite one in the series so I hope they make it lovely.