Saturday, 14 November 2009


In quite a creative mood today so i'm thinking maybe i'll go try and teach myself some keyboard in a bit (Y). Created a new playlist on itunes which sounds boring but to me is a highlight of my day, which doesn't really say much as i've done nothing all day. boooo. This lovely new playlist currently is containing John Mayer, Fink and Bon Iver and one Kooks song. The three men with the most beautiful voices in the music industry <3. The Kooks one is in there a) because I love the Kooks and b) because it's not Luke singing in it and the person singing has a lovely lovely voice. Soz.
awwww my brother's making me a hot chocolate. Lovely Lovely boy :). Bless him :).

Back to the subject of music :D.
The Fred Perry Music bit on their website is worth a look in. Lots of nice new bands on there. Where I found Fink <3. Though he's not new just unknown. Obvz while you're there take a look at the clothing as well because it is soooo beautiful.
Think that's about it for the moment. I'll write back soon.


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